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VM1050S Vertical Machining Center
  • VM1050S Vertical Machining Center
  • VM1050S Vertical Machining Center
  • VM1050S Vertical Machining Center
  • VM1050S Vertical Machining Center
  • VM1050S Vertical Machining Center

VM1050S Vertical Machining Center

VM1050S Vertical Machining Center well-organized and easy maintenance of electrical cabinet. Organized pneumatic system and lubrication system for easy repairing and maintenance; 4th axis connection for easy repairing and maintenance.
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Machine specifications
Items VM1050S
Worktable (Length× Width) 1000×520 mm(39.3X20.5’’)
Max. load capacity 650 kg
T slot 18 mm
X axis travel 850 mm(33.5’’)
Y axis travel 520 mm(20.5’’)
Z axis travel 560 mm(22’’)
Spindle nose to table 150-710mm(5.9-27.9’’)
Spindle speed 8000 rpm
Spindle motor 7.5/11 kW
Spindle taper BT40
Spindle torque 55.8/74.5 Nm
Rapid feed speed(X axis) 36 m/min
Rapid feed speed(Y axis) 36 m/min
Rapid feed speed(Z axis) 36 m/min
Cutting feed speed 1~10000 mm/min
Positioning accuracy (X/Y/Z-axis) X:0.008 mm  /  Y:0.008 mm  / Z:0.008 mm
Repeatability (X/Y/Z-axis) X:0.005 mm  /  Y:0.005 mm  / Z:0.005 mm
Guide way
X guide way span 350 mm (13.7")
Y guide way span 440 mm (17.3")
Z guide way span 412 mm (16.2")
Tool magazine capacity 24T
Max diameter/length/weight of tool Ø78mm/300mm/8kg
Tool change time 1.8s
Others 
Power capacity 25 kV A
Air pressure 6-8bar
Machine dimension(L x W x H) 3850x2650x3120mm
Net weight 5800kg
Item 01 Descriptions  
01.01 FANUC 0i MF 5 Plus CNC system, 2MB system memory, 7.5/11 kW spindle motor  
01.02 3 axis roller linear guide way  
01.03 8000rpm belt drive spindle ,BT40  
01.04 24 tools  arm type tools magazine  
01.05 Air conditioner of electrical cabinet  
01.06 Auto chip conveyer & chip chart  
01.07 Machine body washing system  
01.08 Auto oil lubrication system  
01.09 Tri-color light  
01.10 Air gun+ water gun  
01.11 Door lock switch  
01.12 Lighting lamp  
01.13 Full enclosure splash guard  
01.14 Telescopic covers  
Item 02 Descriptions Note
02.04 SHOP MILL  
02.05 FANUC 0i MF 1 WITH  BETA MOTOR 7.5/11KW Die and mode business .
  AICC2 + NANO SMOOTHING Included in MF1
  AICC2 400 BLOCK Only available on MF1
  PART PROGRAM STORAGE 2MB Only available on MF1
  G68.2  Only available on MF1
  MANUAL GUIDE I Only available on MF1
  3-dimensional coordinate conversion Only available on MF1
  DATA SERVE 2GB     Only available on MF1
  FANUC 10 inch touch screen  
  FANUC 15 inch Non-touch screen Only available on MF1
  FANUC 15 inch Non-touch screen Only available on MF1
02.09 HEIDENHAIN 620 ( 19inch touch screen )  
02.12 CTS PREARE  
02.13 CTS 20 bar Belt 8000rpm spindle
02.14 CTS 30 bar Belt 8000rpm spindle
02.15 CTS 70 bar Belt 8000rpm spindle
02.16 M30 AUTO POWER OFF  
02.17 BBT40  
02.18 SK 40 (LONG DELIVERY TIME )   
02.20 3 AXIS LINEAR SCALE Heidenhain
02.21 Z axis increase 200mm   Only height , not travel
02.22 Z axis increase 300mm Only height , not travel
02.23 magnetic chip conveyor  
02.24 Scraping chip conveyor for aluminums cutting  
02.25 Oil  mister collector  
02.26 Rapid travel  XY36m/min  Z 30m/min  
02.27 30 tools magazine  ,arm type  
02.28 Automatic tool break inspection  (must work with Renshaw tools measure )
02.29 Auto-door( pneumatic control )  
02.30 2 year FANUC warranty   
02.31 2 year Siemens warranty   
02.32 380V 50HZ/415V 50 HZ /220V 60 HZ  
02.33 Transformer  
02.34 Voltage stabilizer  
02.35 Remove tools magazine  
02.36 Remove chip conveyor   
02.37 Remove chips bucket  
02.38 Additional Hydraulic station  
02.39 Grease lubrication   instead of oil    
02.40 Pulling stud  
02.41 Belt 10,000 rpm  with oil cooler BT40
02.42 Direct 12000  with oil cooler, without CTS , BT40
02.43 Direct 12000 , with CTS, FANUC  
02.44 Direct 12000K SPINDLE WITH CTS ,SIEMENS240 BT40
02.45 Direct 15000, water cooler motor , with CTS, Siemens BT40
02.46 ZF gear box  
02.47 Increase spindle motor to 15/11kw  
02.48 BT40 8000 change to BT50 8000 O.D 155mm
02.49 BT40 8000 change to BT50 6000 O.D 155mm
  Remove air condition  
  Remove water gun  
Bed, column and saddle
The bed is a rigid, one piece casting made from fine grain Meehanite cast iron with heavy ribbing to help prevent vibration and deformation during heavy cutting.  Extra wide spacing of the roller guide ways provide for excellent support of the saddle, regardless of the load distribution on the table.  The table is fully supported by the saddle in all positions with no overhang.  The rigid box type column casting is heavily ribbed to help prevent twisting or distortion as well as helping to dampen vibration during high speed or heavy machining.                 
Inverse-Y column
it has an Inverse-Y column structure, large rectangular section design, unique internal reinforcement structure, better deflection resistance, torsion resistance, and ultra-high rigidity, all connected with a strong bed to meet the rigidity requirements of strong cutting.
The bed has high rigidity and suitable for heavy-cutting
bases. It adopts high-strength gray cast iron with shock-absorbing
capacity, and finite element analysis to ensure stability and reliability.
Tools magazine is installing on shoulder location , with better rigidity
Ball screw and guideways   
All axes are of  Linear Guide type for higher stiffness, accuracy, and surface finish than more common Ball Bearing Guide types.  3 axis roller type linear guide way .          
C3 level high speed silence ball screw with heat inhibiting function feature
Ball screw diameter* pitch: 40x16 / 40x12 / 40x10,

The ball screw adopts the pre-load process, which effectively reduces the back lash in the ball screw and helps reduce the heat transfer and friction. This improves the accuracy and strengthens the rigidity and heat deformation resistance.

The spindle is a true cartridge type unit supported by high precision ceramic ball bearings that offers minimized noise, vibration and thermal growth. The powerful 8000 rpm, 7.5/11Kw  .can extend to 15/11KW .
BT40 , belt drive spindle is standard . BT40 10,000 rpm and direct spindle 12000 is possible on the machine.
ZF gear box and BT50 spindle are possible also .
Spindle air blow and air curtain design provide the positive air pressure to protect the spindle.
2 coolant tube and 1 air tube are standard on the machine .
Fully enclosed guarding
The fully enclosed guarding is made of heavy gauge sheet  metal designed to contain both chips and coolant.  The dual,  large sliding doors open to 1,260 mm (49") and provide unrestricted overhead access to the table for ease of lifting heavy fixtures or work pieces.

Chip disposal and flood coolant system
Automatic chain type conveyor with high pressure water gun to clean chips and reduce machine temperature rising.This System reduce much more heat distortion and increase  machine accuracy life
Automatic oil pump provides lubrication to the guide ways and ball screws which precisely controls the volume of oil to these critical components. A low-level alarm reminds operator before machine stop. The grease type lubrication is an optional, which is thought by some to be more environmentally friendly.
Tool  magazine
24 tools BT40 arm type tools magazine, rigidity to holder heavy tools, cam system to change tools. Stable quality.The machine has undergone thousands of tool change tests before leaving the factory to ensure smooth and reliable tool change. 48 hours trouble free test to guarantee stoppage rate below 0.5%. Manufacturer design ‘one panel recover function”  to solve 97% tools magazine common  problems,
Other details
Well-organized and easy maintenance of electrical cabinet
Organized pneumatic system and lubrication system for easy repairing and maintenance
4th axis connection for easy repairing and maintenance

Options details
The Big Plus spindle system and tooling surpasses all other spindle concepts due to simultaneous taper and flange contact between the machine spindle and tool holder as well as complete interchangeability with existing machines and tools. Upon mounting the tool holder into the machine spindle, contact occurs prior to clamping. Due to the retention force, the taper of the tool holder expands the machine spindle in its elastic range. The tool is pulled further in until the tool flange touches the spindle face for maximum rigidity.
20 bar (230 psi) through spindle coolant system (TSC)
A dedicated positive displacement pump delivers the coolant directly to the tool tip.  The immediate benefit is more aggressive feeds and speeds can be maintained throughout the cutting process.  There is also no need to stop and adjust coolant nozzles which increases both in cut time and operator safety. Protecting the spindle and the vital rotary union from contamination is a Cyclone filter with a 10 micron filter element that does not require the use of bags helping to reduce maintenance cost. The 380 liter (100 gallon) tank stores an ample supply of coolant and is isolated from the machine bed to help prevent heat transfer.
Coolant through spindle is optional on this machine .  20 bar and 30 bar  are popular options . high pressure 50 bar and 70 bar are possible also.
Siemens CNC system
● Standard  ○ Optional  X N/A
No. Item Spec. S828D
SW24x SW26x SW28x
1 Controlled axis Controlled axes 3 axes X, Y, Z X, Y, Z X, Y, Z
2 Additional controlled axes   5 6+2 8+2
3 Least command increment 0.001mm (0.0001 inch)
4 Least input increment 0.001mm (0.0001 inch)
5 Travel to fixed stop with Force Control  
6 Interpolation & Feed Function Reference point return G75 FP=1
7 2nd reference point return G75 FP=2
8 Inverse time feedrate G93
9 Helical interpolation  
10 Polynomial interpolation   X X X
11 Spline interpolation (A, B and C splines)  
12 Separate path feed for corners and chamfers  
13 Acceleration with Jerk limitation  
14 Compressor for 3-axis machining  
15 Temperature compensation  
16 Look Ahead, recorded part program blocks: Milling with MDynamics Advanced Surface 150 300 450
17 Milling with MDynamics Top Surface 600 600 600
18 Look Ahead, IPO blocks, buffered: Milling with MDynamics Advanced Surface 50 100 150
19 Milling with MDynamics Top Surface 200 200 200
20 Cartesian point-to-point (PTP) travel  
21 TRANSMIT/cylinder surface transformation  
22 Spindle Function Tapping with compensating chuck/rigid tapping  
23 Tool Function Tool radius compensations in plane  
24 Number of tools/cutting edges in tool list   128/256 256/512 768/1536
25 Tool length compensation  
26 Operation with tool management  
27 Tool list  
28 Replacement tools for tool management  
29 Monitoring of tool life and workpiece count  
30 Manual measurement of tool offset  
31 Magazine list  
32 Programming & Editing Function Number of levels for skip blocks 2  
33 Number of levels for skip blocks 10  
34 Program/workpiece management On additional plug-in CF card
35 On USB storage medium (e.g. disk drive, USB stick)
36 On network drive
37 Program editor Programming support for cycles program(Program Guide)
38 CNC editor with editing functions: select, copy, delete
39 Programming graphics/free contour input (contour calculator)
40 ShopMill Machining step programming
41 Technology cycles for drilling/milling  
42 Pocket milling free contour and islands stock removal cycle  
43 Residual material detection  
44 Access protection for cycles  
45 Programming support can be extended, e.g. customer cycles  
46 2D simulation  
47 3D simulation, finished part  
(Operation, setting & Display, etc)
Switchover: inch/metric  
49 Manual measurement of zero/work offset  
50 Automatic tool/workpiece measurement  
51 Reference point approach, automatic/via CNC program  
52 Execution from USB or CF card interface on operator panel front  
53 Execution from network drive  
54 10.4" color display  
55 15.0" color display  
56 Alarms and messages  
57 Automatic measuring cycles  
Heidenahin CNC system
● Standard  ○ Optional  X N/A
NO. Item Spec. TNC 620
1 Axes Controlled axes 3 axes X, Y, Z
2 Additional Controlled axes Max. 5 axes in total ○ (Max. 5axes)
3 Least command increment 0.0001 mm (0.0001 inch), 0.0001°
4 Least input increment 0.0001 mm (0.0001 inch), 0.0001°
5 MDI / DISPLAY unit 19 "color flat-panel display, vertical, touch screen (for MC 8410)
6 Program memory for NC programs   1.8GB
7 CFR CF memory card   8GB
8 Commissioning and diagnostics Data interfaces Ethernet interface
9 USB interface (USB 2.0)
10 Machine functions Look-ahead
(Intelligent path control by calculating the path speed ahead of time)
Max. 5000 blocks.
11 User functions Brief description Basic version: 3 axes plus spindle
12 One or two additional NC axes
13 Digital current and spindle speed control
14 Program entry HEIDENHAIN conversational and DIN/ ISO formats
15 Position data coordinates Nominal positions for lines and arcs in Cartesian coordinates or polar coordinates
16 Incremental or absolute dimensions
17 Display and input in mm or inches
18 Tool compensation Tool radius in the working plane and tool length
19 Radius-compensated contour look-ahead for up to 99 blocks (M120)
20 Three-dimensional tool-radius compensation for changing tool data without having to recalculate
an existing program
21 Tool tables Multiple tool tables with any number of tools
22 Constant contour speed Relative to the path of the tool center
23 Relative to the tool’s cutting edge
24 Parallel operation Creating a program with graphical support while another program is being run
25 3-D machining Motion control with minimum jerk
26 3-D tool compensation through surface normal vectors
27 Keeping the tool normal to the contour
28 Tool radius compensation normal to the tool direction
29 Contour elements Straight line
30 Chamfer
31 Circular path
32 Circle center point
33 Circle radius
34 Tangentially connecting circular arc
35 Corner rounding
36 Approaching and departing the contour Via straight line: tangential or perpendicular
37 Via circular arc
38 Program jumps Subroutines
39 Program section repeats
40 Calling any program as subroutine
41 Coordinate transformation Datum shift, rotation, mirror image, scaling factor (axis-specifi c)
42 Tilting the working plane, PLANE function
43 Actual position capture Actual positions can be transferred directly into the NC program
44 Programming graphics In the Programming and Editing mode, the contour of the NC blocks is drawn on screen while the
blocks are being entered (2-D pencil-trace graphics), even while another program is running
45 Machining time Calculation of machining time in the Test Run operating mode
Display of the current machining time in the Program Run operating modes
46 Returning to the contour Mid-program startup in any block in the program, returning the tool to the calculated nominal
position to continue machining
47 Program interruption, leaving and returning to the contour
48 Preset tables One preset table for storing reference points
49 Datum tables Several datum tables for storing workpiece-related datums
50 Parallel secondary axes Compensating movement in the secondary axis U, V, W through the principal axis X, Y, Z
51 Including movements of parallel axes in the position display of the associated principal axis (sum display)
52 Defi ning the principal and secondary axes in the NC program makes it possible to run programs
on different machine confi gurations
53 Conversational languages English, Chinese (traditional, simplifi ed), Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German,
Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian (Cyrillic), Spanish, Swedish
54 Fixed cycles Drilling, conventional and rigid tapping, rectangular and circular pockets  
55 Peck drilling, reaming, boring, counterboring, (centering)  
56 Milling internal and external threads  
57 Clearing level and oblique surfaces  
58 Multioperation machining of straight and circular slots  
59 Multioperation machining of rectangular and circular pockets  
60 Linear and circular point patterns  
61 Contour train, contour pocket—also with contour-parallel machining  
62 OEM cycles (special cycles developed by the machine tool builder) can be integrated  
63 Touch probe cycles Touch probe calibration  
64 Compensation of workpiece misalignment, manual or automatic  
65 Datum setting, manual or automatic  
66 Automatic tool and workpiece measurement  
FANUC CNC system
● Standard  ○ Optional  X N/A
No. Item Spec. 0I-MF Plus
Type 1 Type 5
1 Controlled axis Controlled axes   5 5
2 Additional controlled axes   7 6
3 Least command increment 0.001 mm / 0.0001"
4 Least input increment 0.001 mm / 0.0001"
5 Interpolation type pitch error compensation  
6 Interpolation & Feed Function 2nd reference point return G30
7 3rd / 4th reference return  
8 Inverse time feed   X
9 Cylinderical interpolation G07.1
10 Bell-type acceleration/deceleration before look
ahead interpolation
11 Automatic corner override G62
12 Automatic corner deceleration  
13 Manual handle feed Max. 3unit
14 Handle interruption  
15 Manual handle retrace  
16 Nano smoothing AI contour control II is required. X
19 AICC II(Preview block number increase) 400 BLOCK(Special hardware and AI contour
control II)
20 Spindle & M code
M- code function  
21 Retraction for rigid tapping  
22 Rigid tapping G84, G74
23 Tool Function Number of tool offsets 400 400 ea 400 ea
24 Tool nose radius compensation G40, G41, G42
25 Tool length compensation G43, G44, G49
26 Tool life management  
27 Tool offset G45 - G48
28 Programming & Editing Function Custom macro  
29 Macro executor  
30 Extended part program editing  
31 Part program storage 2MB(5120m)
32 Inch/metric conversion G20 / G21
33 Number of Registerable programs 400 ea 400 ea 400 ea
34 Number of Registerable programs 1000 ea
35 Optional block skip 9 BLOCK
36 Optional stop M01
37 Program file name 32 characters
38 Sequence number N 8-digit N8 digit N8 digit
39 Playback function  
40 Addition of workpiece coordinate system G54.1 P1 - 48 (48 pairs) 48 pairs 48 pairs
41 Addition of workpiece coordinate system G54.1 P1 - 300 (300 pairs)
(Operation, setting & Display, etc)
Embeded Ethernet  
43 Graphic display Tool path drawing
44 Loadmeter display  
45 Memory card interface  
46 USB memory interface Only Data Read & Write
47 Operation history display  
48 DNC operation with memory card  
49 Optional angle chamfering / corner R  
50 Run hour and part number display  
51 High speed skip function  
52 Polar coordinate command G15 / G16
53 Programmable mirror image G50.1 / G51.1
54 Scaling G50, G51
55 Single direction positioning G60
56 Pattern data input  
57 Jerk control AI contour control II is required. X
58 Fast Data server with1 GB PCMCIA card  
59 Fast Ethernet  
60 3-dimensional coordinate conversion   X
61 Figure copying G72.1, G72.2
62 Machining time stamp function  
63 Manual Guide I with 10.4" Color TFT  
64 Dynamic graphic display (with 10.4" screen)  
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