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MF25 Universal Turret Milling Machine
  • MF25 Universal Turret Milling Machine
  • MF25 Universal Turret Milling Machine

MF25 Universal Turret Milling Machine

MF25 G: rectangular guide way on Y-axis and Z-axis; MF25 A: double 55° dovetail guide way is adopted on both Y-axis and Z-axis; MF25 B: rectangular guideway on Y-axis and dovetail 55° guide way on Z-axis;
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Applications of MF25 Universal Turret Milling Machine
MF25C MF25VC Universal Turret Milling Machine has reasonable construction and superior machining functions such as drilling, boring, milling of plane, inclined plane and slot, and such functions available by use of the corresponding attachments as milling round surface, rack, gear and spline.
● High quality Milling head; guide way on saddle is lined with TF wearable material;
● Automatic drill feeds;
● Reversing switch for forward reverse rotation;
● Head swivels ± 90° to the right and to the left;
● Automatic table advance on X axis is included, retrofitting of Y /Z axis available;
● Central lubrication for spindle, nut and guides; automatic lubrication is available;
● Manual spindle brakes;
● 6 steps spindle speed; 

Technical Specifications of MF25 Universal Turret Milling Machine
Item Unit MF25G MF25A MF25B MF25C MF25D
Table size mm 254x1270 (10’’x50’’) / Optional: 254x1370 (10’’x54’’)
Max load of table kg 260
T-slot mm 3x16
Guide way type   Y: rectangular
Z: rectangular
Y: dovetail
Z: dovetail
Z: dovetail
Y: rectangular
Z: rectangular
Y: rectangular
Z: rectangular
Long travel mm 254x1270 (10’’x50’’): 750
254x1370 (10’’x54’’): 850
Cross travel mm Manual: 400 Manual: 380 Manual: 400
Vertical travel mm 400 (15.7”)
Ram travel mm 400 (15.7”)
Distance from spindle nose to table surface mm 0-400 (0-15.7”)
Spindle hole taper   Standard: R8;
Optional: ISO30 / ISO40
Standard: ISO40
Quill diameter mm 85.5 (3.4’’) 100 (3.9’’)
Quill travel mm 127 (5”)
Spindle speed rpm Standard: shift grade 16;
50HZ: 66-4540 rpm / (60HZ: 80-5440 rpm)
Auto. quill feed mm/rev three steps; 0.038 / 0.076 / 0.152
Spindle motor HP (kW) 3HP (2.2 kW) 5HP (3.7 kW)
Head swivel   90°
Head tilting   45° 45° 45° Fix 45°
of package
One per case mm 1516x1550x2080
Two per case mm 1650x1790x2170
Three per case mm 1650x2285x2235
Net weight kg 1550 1380 1420 1590 1590
● Draw bar;                               
● Electrical cabinet;
● Center lubrication;                      
● Working lamp;
● X-axis power feed;                      
● Oil collecting plate;
● Coolant system;                        
● Plastic splash guard
● Operation manual; 
● Y-axis power feed;                       
● Z-axis power feed;
● Z-axis lifting motor;                      
● Pneumatic tool clamping;
● 2-axis DRO X/Y-axis;                   
● 3-axis DRO X/Y/Z-axis;
● Automatic lubrication pump;             
● Table guard;
● 52PCS clamping kits;                  
● 8PCS collets;
● 15PCS collets;                        
● Hanging button box;
● Machine vise;                          
● Spindle guard;
● Ball screw for X/Y axis; 
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