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ST634SCZ Inclined Bed CNC Lathe
  • ST634SCZ Inclined Bed CNC Lathe
  • ST634SCZ Inclined Bed CNC Lathe
  • ST634SCZ Inclined Bed CNC Lathe
  • ST634SCZ Inclined Bed CNC Lathe
  • ST634SCZ Inclined Bed CNC Lathe

ST634SCZ Inclined Bed CNC Lathe

ST634SCZ Inclined Bed CNC Lathe features a hydraulic tailstock that can be activated by the program, or controlled via the standard foot switch.
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ST634SCZ CNC horizontal Inclined bed lathe is with high rigidity and excellent performance. This model can finish inside and outside the cylindrical surface, conical surface, stepped surface, groove, spherical and other various rotary surface. Very good machine to realize high efficiency production on various industries, such as automotive, aerospace, molds, instrumentation and so on. To adapt to the small batch and single production, can also be used for complex parts of mass production.
Machine specifications
Item ST634SCZ
Max. swing over bed Φ650mm(25.6’’)
Max. swing over saddle Φ410mm(16.1’’)
Max. turning diameter Φ630mm(24.8’’)
Max. machining length 1000mm(39.4’’)
Bar capacity Φ89mm(3.5’’
(when equipped with 15’’ hydraulic hollow chuck)
Spindle motor output power 15/18.5Kw(inverter)
Spindle nose A2-11
Max. spindle speed 1000rpm
Spindle bore diameter Φ106 mm(4.1’’)
Chuck size 15” inch (Hydraulic solid)
X/Z axis travel
X-axis travel 330mm(13.0’’)
Z-axis travel 1100mm(43.3’’)
Rapid traverse of X-axis 8m/min(314 IPM)
Rapid traverse of Z-axis 12m/min(472 IPM)
Number of  tool 8
Turing tool size 32x25mm
Max. boring tool diameter Φ50mm
Hydraulic tailstock center MT5
Quill diameter 130mm
Quill travel 100mm
Positioning accuracy (X/Z-axis)      0.012/0.014mm
Repeatability (X/Z-axis) 0.006/0.008mm
Others 
Power capacity 35 kVA
Machine dimension (L x W x H) 5090x1930x2075mm
Net weight 7600kg
Item 01 Descriptions  
01.01 FANUC Oi TF  
01.02 1000rpm spindle with gear box (Frequency conversion motor)  
01.03 8 position hydraulic turret (refer to follow turret information)  
01.04 15’’ solid hydraulic chuck with 1 set soft jaw  
01.05 Solid hydraulic cylinder  
01.06 Hydraulic tailstock  
01.07 Hydraulic system  
01.08 Air conditioner of electrical cabinet  
01.09 Auto chip conveyer & chip chart  
01.10 Auto oil lubrication system  
01.11 Tri-color light  
01.12 Air gun  
01.13 Door lock switch  
01.14 Lighting lamp  
01.15 Full enclosure splash guard  
01.16 Telescopic covers  
Item 02 Descriptions Note
02.01 SIEMENS 828D 240  
02.02 Shop turn  
02.03 18.5/22KW inverter spindle motor  
02.04 22/26KW inverter spindle motor  
02.05 FANUC β servo spindle motor, 15/18.5kw  
02.06 FANUC 0I TF 1 with α servo spindle motor, 22/26kw  
02.07 SIEMENS servo spindle motor, 17KW  
02.08 Manual guide 0I  
02.09 Manual guide I for FANUC TF1
02.11 Tool setter RENISHAW Manual plug type
02.12 Tool setter RENISHAW Auto swing type
02.13 M30 auto power off  
02.14 Scraping chip conveyor for aluminums cutting  
02.15 Magnetic chip conveyor  
02.16 Oil mister collector  
02.17 Auto-door (pneumatic control)  
02.18 2 year FANUC warranty  
02.19 2 year Siemens warranty   
02.20 CE standard  
02.21 380V 50HZ/415V 50 HZ /220V 60 HZ  
02.22 Transformer  
02.23 Voltage stabilizer  
02.24 Bar feeder interface  
02.25 Auto bar feeder 26mm diameter, 3000mm length  
02.26 Auto bar feeder 65mm diameter, 1500mm length, DH65L  
02.27 Auto bar feeder 65mm diameter, 1250mm length, DH65  
02.28 Hydraulic spring clamping tail stock Tail stock body clamp by hydraulic spring
02.29 Fixed center, M#5 for standard tail stock  
02.30 Live center M#5 For option tail stock with live center
02.31 U drilling tool holder with coolant through 1.5bar/10 bar  
02.32 Boring tool holder  
02.33 Boring tool holder sleeve (25, 32, 40)  
02.34 End face turning tool holder  
02.35 End face turning tool holder installation block  
02.36 12 position hydraulic turret, 25x25, 100mm center height LioShing, working range change
02.37 12 position hydraulic turret, 32X32, 125mm center height LioShing, working range change
02.38 Hydraulic steady rest (8—70mm) Huanke
02.39 Hydraulic steady rest (20—120mm) Huanke
02.40 Hydraulic steady rest (20—165mm) Huanke
02.41 Hydraulic steady rest (50—200mm) Huanke
02.42 Hydraulic steady rest (70—220mm) Not available for NL634SC
02.43 Manual open type steady rest (50—200mm)  
02.44 Manual closed type steady rest (50—200mm)  
02.45 Manual closed type steady rest (190—270mm)  
02.46 Manual closed type steady rest (260—315mm)  
02.47 15” hollow 3 jaw chuck + solid cylinder  
02.48 15” hollow 3 jaw chuck + hollow cylinder  
02.49 18” solid 3 jaw chuck + solid cylinder  
02.50 18” hollow 3 jaw chuck + solid cylinder  
02.51 21” solid 3 jaw chuck + solid cylinder  
02.52 Manual 3 jaw 15” chuck Change hydraulic chuck to manual chuck
02.53 Manual 3 jaw 18” chuck Change hydraulic chuck to manual chuck
02.54 Manual 3 jaw 21” chuck Change hydraulic chuck to manual chuck
02.55 Soft jaw of 15” chuck  
02.56 Hard jaw of 15” chuck  
02.57 Soft jaw of 18” chuck  
02.58 Hard jaw of 18” chuck  
02.59 Soft jaw of 18” chuck  
02.60 Hard jaw of 18” chuck  
02.61 Chuck air blow  
02.62 A2-11, spindle bore 132mm, bar capacity 116mm  
02.63 Air conditioner of electrical cabinet  
02.64 Proximity switch  
02.65 Electric switch for door  
02.66 Coolant tank coolant level sensor  
02.67 Remove chip conveyer  
02.68 CNC controller book manuals  
02.69 Left side chip conveyer  
02.70 Double chain type chip conveyer  
02.71 Water gun Change backside to right side
02.72 High pressure coolant 5MPa through turret Not include the U drilling tool holder
02.73 High pressure coolant 2MPa through turret Not include the U drilling tool holder
02.74 Bigger coolant pump, 1MPa  
02.75 Two stage hydraulic pressure valve  
Machine tool for the machine, electricity, liquid integrated layout, 45 ° overall inclined bed, with a compact structure, high rigidity, smooth chip, easy to operate, etc.; rail type for the rolling guide, drive parts using high-speed silent ball screw, With fast speed, less heat, high positioning accuracy of the advantages of machine tools for the whole closed protection, automatic chip removal, automatic lubrication, automatic cooling.
the whole resin sand and gray cast iron bed, the casting structure by the finite element analysis and optimization, casting by the second aging treatment, with high rigidity and high stability; finishing high precision gantry machining center processing, high geometric accuracy ; Inclined bed layout, with high rigidity, compact structure, smooth chip, easy to operate the advantages of bed guide rail for the rolling guide, the friction coefficient is small, moving fast, high positioning accuracy.
Spindle and Headstock
The robust headstock casting is mounted on the same ground surface as the tailstock to maintain perfect alignment and center height. The heavy- duty spindle is supported by 3 sets angular contact bearings in the front and 2 sets at back, and duplex angular thrust bearings in between. Cylindrical roller bearings feature a large contact surface which ensures the highest rigidity for heavy loads and high surface finishes. All spindle bearings are precision NSK class P4 and are permanently grease lubricated.

The lathe features a 25 HP spindle motor with a gear transmission in (1:5) gear ratio. The speed is up to 1,000rpm. It has a 106 mm (4.2”) of spindle bore and bar through draw tube is 94 mm (3.7”) in diameter. The maximum spindle torque is 880 NM (650) ft.-lbs of torque at 200 rpm spindle speed.
Ball screws
βiSc series AC servo motor, high-speed silent ball screw, flexible coupling directly connected, moving fast, positioning accuracy and repeat positioning accuracy; built-in absolute encoder, no cumulative error, no memory, no need to find a reference point , The location information is not lost after power is removed. Double nut and C3 level high accuracy ball screws.
Screw diameter x pitch: 32x8/40x10
C3 level 0.008mm/300mm
The ball screw adopts the pre-load process, which effectively reduces the back lash in the ball screw and helps reduce the heat transfer and friction. This improves the accuracy and strengthens the rigidity and heat deformation resistance
Hydraulic tailstock
The machine features a hydraulic tailstock that can be activated by the program, or controlled via the standard foot switch. The tailstock features an MT5 taper, and provides up to 6.5kN of thrust.
FANUC 0i TF controller specification
● Standard○ Optional X N/A  
Specification 0I-TF Plus  
Type 1 Type 5  
1 Controlled axis Controlled axes   4 4  
2 Axis control by PMC    
3 Torque control    
4 Inch/metric conversion    
5 Stored limit check before move    
6 Unexpected disturbance torque detection function    
7 Position switch    
8 Operation DNC operation with memory card    
9 Handle interruption    
10 Manual handle retrace    
11 Interpolation functions Nano interpolation    
12 Linear interpolation    
13 Circular interpolation    
14 Helical interpolation   X  
15 Thread cutting, synchronous cutting    
16 Thread cutting retract    
17 Continuous threading    
18 High-speed skip Input signal is 8 points.  
19 2nd reference position return G30  
20 Feed function AI contour control I    
21 AI contour control II   X  
22 Rapid traverse block overlap    
23 Program input Optional block skip 9 pieces  
24 Absolute/incremental programming Combined use in the same block  
25 Diameter/Radius programming    
26 Automatic coordinate system setting    
27 Workpiece coordinate system G52 - G59  
28 Chamfering/Corner R    
29 Custom macro    
30 Addition of custom macro common variables #100 - #199, #500 - #999  
31 Interruption type custom macro    
32 Canned cycle    
33 Multiple repetitive cycles    
34 Multiple repetitive cycles II Pocket profile  
35 Canned cycle for drilling    
36 Coordinate system shift    
37 Direct input of coordinate system shift    
38 Pattern data input    
39 Operation
Guidance Function
Manual Guide i   X  
40 Manual Guide 0i    
41 Auxiliary/ Spindle speed function Constant surface speed control    
42 Rigid tap    
43 Arbitrary speed threading    
44   Tool offset pairs 128-pairs  
45 Tool offset pairs 200-pairs X  
46 Tool radius/Tool nose radius compensation    
47 Tool geometry/wear compensation    
48 Automatic tool offset    
49 Direct input of offset value measured B    
50 Tool life management    
51 Accuracy compensation function Backlash compensation for each rapid traverse and cutting feed    
52 Stored pitch error compensation total value input    
53 Editing operation (Specify total of part program storage size of each path.)
Number of registerable programs
expansion 1 : Max. 1000 programs  
54 Playback    
55 Data input/ output Fast data server   X  
56 External data input    
57 Memory card input/output    
58 USB memory input/output    
59 Automatic data backup    
60 Interface function Embedded Ethernet    
61 Fast Ethernet    
62 Others Display unit 10.4" color LCD  
63 Robot interface Robot interface with PMC I/O module    
64 Robot interface with PROFIBUS-DP/PROFINET-DP    
Siemens controller specification
● Standard  ○ Optional  X N/A
No. Item Spec. S828D
SW24x SW26x SW28x
1 Controlled axis Controlled axes 2 axes X,Z X,Z X,Z
2 Additional controlled axes   5 6+2 10+2
3 Least command increment 0.001mm (0.0001 inch)
4 Least input increment 0.001mm (0.0001 inch)
5 Travel to fixed stop with Force Control  
6 Interpolation & Feed Function Reference point return G75 FP=1
7 2nd reference point return G75 FP=2
8 Inverse time feedrate G93
9 Helical interpolation  
10 Polynomial interpolation   X X X
11 Spline interpolation (A, B and C splines)  
12 Separate path feedrate for roundings and chamfers  
13 Acceleration with Jerk limitation  
14 Compressor for 3-axis machining COMPCAD   X X X
15 Temperature compensation  
16 Look Ahead, recorded part program blocks: Turning 1 1 1
18 Look Ahead, IPO blocks, buffered: Turning 1 1 1
20 Cartesian point-to-point (PTP) travel  
21 TRANSMIT/cylinder surface transformation  
22 Spindle Function Tapping with compensating chuck/rigid tapping  
23 Tool Function Tool radius compensations in plane  
24 Number of tools/cutting edges in tool list   128/256 256/512 768/1536
25 Tool length compensation  
26 Operation with tool management  
27 Tool list  
28 Replacement tools for tool management  
29 Monitoring of tool life and workpiece count  
30 Manual measurement of tool offset  
31 Magazine list  
32 Programming & Editing Function Number of levels for skip blocks 2  
33 Number of levels for skip blocks 10  
34 Program/workpiece management On additional plug-in CF card
35 On USB storage medium (e.g. disk drive, USB stick)
36 On network drive
37 Program editor Programming support for cycles program(Program Guide)
38 CNC editor with editing functions: select, copy, delete
39 Programming graphics/free contour input (contour calculator)
40 ShopTurn Machining step programming
41 Technology cycles for drilling/milling  
42 Pocket milling free contour and islands stock removal cycle  
43 Residual material detection  
44 Access protection for cycles  
45 Programming support can be extended, e.g. customer cycles  
46 2D simulation  
47 3D simulation, finished part  
(Operation, setting & Display, etc)
Switchover: inch/metric  
49 Manual measurement of zero/work offset  
50 Automatic tool/workpiece measurement  
51 Reference point approach, automatic/via CNC program  
52 Execution from USB or CF card interface on operator panel front  
53 Execution from network drive  
54 10.4" color display  
55 15.0" color display  
56 Alarms and messages  
57 Automatic measuring cycles  
Chip removal
Equipped with a chain-type chip conveyor.
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